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Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV System)

16.5KW BIPV House (BIPV without energy consumption) in Jiangsu of China:

BIPV House BIPV House BIPV House BIPV House
Place: Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China
Installation date: November, 2009
Application type: Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV System)
Installation type: film photovoltaic atrium daylighting, doubling glass photovoltaic window blinds, photovoltaic curtains, monocrystalline sloping roof
Scale: 16.5 kW
Design partner: China Architecture Design and Research Institute

Project Introduction:

  • 1. Solar Photovoltaic Power System:
  • Our solar photovoltaic system has adopted many types of photovoltaic modules, and they are installed on the wall surfaces of buildings via blinds, lighting tops, and building surfaces.
  • 1.1. Photovoltaic modules on the top of houses:
  • Photovoltaic modulesLighting top: The lighting top is fitted with 20 pieces of 50W hollow doubling film photovoltaic modules with 70% light transmittance rate, and 20 pieces of 65W doubling glass crystalline modules with the total power of 2300W.
  • Building surface tilingBuilding surface tiling: 94 pieces of 100W monocrystalline modules, with the total power of 9400W, have been tiled onto the building surfaces.
  • 1.2. Blinds for sunshade:1.3. Wall surfaces:
  • Blinds for sunshadeThe west window is equipped with 82 pieces of 20W doubling glass crystalline silicon modules with the total power of 1640W.
  • Wall surfacesThe east part of the south wall is fitted with 8 pieces of 150W monocrystalline silicon modules, and a piece of 180W monocrystalline module with the total power of 1380W.
  • 2. Solar Water Heater:
  • The solar water heater adopts flat solar heat collector whose heat collecting area is about 7.3m2, and at the same time, the electricity supplement technology has been also utilized in this device. And the water temperature in the heater can be adjusted freely, and the hot water will go out immediately you open the tap. So users can get hot water for 24 hours every day. And this solar water heater can provide as much as 118.95 tons' hot water of 55℃ for you every year.
  • 3. Solar Fresh Air System:
  • Solar Fresh Air SystemThe model houses are fitted with solar fresh air systems, and these systems can drive fans to run by means of the photovoltaic modules. The power of the fresh air system is 5W/H, and it is one of our patents.
  • 4. Natural Ventilation and Floor Empty Space:
  • The upper part of the atrium is designed with electric skylights which can enhance the air convection by means of hot pressing effect in summer. And the skylights can make use of natural air to take away the heat in the room, thus improving the comfortable level of the room.
    The floor empty space can be built to take away the moisture under the floor, thus effectively achieving moist insulation.
  • 5. Heat Preservation of Outside Wall:
  • Heat PreservationThe outside of the brick wall is covered with 30mmXPS extruded sheet thermal insulation layer with the heat preservation index of 0.82W/ (m2℃). Apart from good heat preservation function, this layer can also help to effectively save energy, as well as to give a beautiful appearance to the outside wall.

Description of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV System):
This building integrated photovoltaic technology is a kind of technology that combine photovoltaic products with buildings, in which way the new energy-saving concept that buildings generate energy is achieved. The BIPV products have not only satisfied aesthetic requirements for building design, but also meet the energy-saving and environmental friendly requirements for buildings. The design, construction, acceptance check and management of building integrated photovoltaic systems are accompanied by the same procedure of buildings themselves. In this way, the BIPV systems have become a necessary part of buildings.

Here in Eoplly, we not only provide relevant modules for you, but also have a complete set of solutions for energy conservation in buildings.

Advantages of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV System):
1. Its unique construction materials can provide new design elements for building design.
2. Its design, construction, acceptance check and management are synchronous to that of buildings.
3. This BIPV system can help to cut the operation costs of buildings by offering clean electricity to them.
4. The electricity generated by the building integrated photovoltaic system can be used on site.
5. It can help to reduce the pollution caused by fossil fuel or greenhouse gases.
6. Capable of supplying electricity, this building integrated photovoltaic system can contribute to easing electricity pressure during rush hours.
7. It has low heat absorption rate, which is helpful to relieve the urban heat island effect, as well as to reduce the refrigeration energy consumption in buildings.
8. It can effectively reduce the light reflex on the glass surface, thus the light pollution caused by the glass curtains is also avoided.

Eoplly is a expert of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV system) in China. In addition to BIPV system, we also have many other solar products for you, including monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells, monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules, solar lighting projects, on grid and off grid solar power systems, portable solar chargers, and solar tracking systems. So far our products have received many certificates like IEC, TUV, CE, UL, MCS of the United Kingdom, ISO9001:2000, KSC of South Korea, and many other relevant authoritative certificates of Europe, America, and Asia. Besides, in order to offer better 24 hours' after-sale services for our customers, we have built up excellent high-efficiency global network in many countries like Germany, Italy, France, Spain, America, Korea, Bulgaria, and such. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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